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Simple, Easy, and Hassle-free Service

Simple, Easy, and Hassle-free Service

When it comes to transportation and movement of packages, you often hear the words freight or cargo. Ever wondered what’s the difference between the two? Our moving services in Central Florida, Kissimmee hints that it’s all about the mode of transport used.

In the transportation industry, freight and cargo are the same, packages that have to be moved and delivered. The only difference between the two is the nature of locomotion used to transport the goods. Freights are transported through land, while cargo is moved by ship or plane.

But don’t be confused if some transportation services in Kissimmee, Florida call your charges “freight” as it can also mean payment of your package being transported. Cargo, on the other hand, does not take on any other meaning but remains to be the goods being moved or transported.

But whether you call it freight or cargo, the fact remains that you have a package or parcel that needs to move and deliver. And Tavarez Transport Express is here to answer your call for rental services in Orlando, Florida.

We are prepared to meet the demands of our customers with our excellent and dependable services. We aim to pick-up and deliver your parcels and packages on time and hassle-free. Visit our website to know more about our services.

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