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  1. BOX OF USED CLOTHES OR USED PERSONAL EFFECTS: New items are not accepted in them, or items by the dozen, or for commercial purposes. If they are new, Tavarez Cargo Express Corp. (TCEC) is not responsible if the merchandise is seized, or for taxes and customs fines.
  2. The sender declares that he is not sending MONEY, FIREARMS, MILITARY GARMENTS, AMMUNITION, CHEMICALS, JEWELERY, as well as ITEMS PROHIBITED by law. The SENDER AND THE BENEFICIARY are responsible for the legality of the cargo sent. TCEC is not responsible for the content or legality of the cargo.
  3. All the boxes that the tooth declares with the content of USED CLOTHING AND FOOD is insured by TCEC for a value of $100.00 USD for each box. Any extra insurance will be charged in addition to the price. You will be charged ten percent (10%) of the value of your declaration, for its insurance.
  4. TCEC is not responsible for maritime and customs delays. Neither due to the negligence of the beneficiary does the merchandise have to be returned to the warehouse, the client has to pay for the re-shipment of the merchandise by a transport company or wait for the delivery of the next shipment. The delivery conditions of the merchandise are based on the information and the agreed price. Any change of address must be at least 3 days prior to the delivery date.
  5. All boxes packed by the customer must be ready before the day of collection. All household items and furniture must be empty. TCEC is not responsible for customer-packed appliances and furniture. The weight limit for 18X18X28 boxes is 180LBS and for barrels, 300LBS. If the weight is greater, there will be an additional charge. TCEC reserves the right to inspect any merchandise that is not reliable.
  6. TCEC does not assume responsibility for breakage of glass, china, porcelain, nor for merchandise packed by the client. TCEC is responsible for breakages that are caused during the trip; as long as it has been packaged by TCEC and IS INSURED. The insurance does not cover the mechanical condition of electrical appliances.
  7. ALL balance paid in the Dominican Republic has a surcharge of $10.00 USD.
  8. The beneficiary must verify his merchandise and CLAIM AT THAT MOMENT IN THE PRESENCE OF THE EMPLOYEE / DRIVER THAT IS MAKING THE DELIVERY AND NOTIFY IT to the office THE SAME DAY. After the delivery is signed we do not accept claims.